Our Story

Kedron Baptist Church History

We enjoy telling our story because it is a story of God’s gracious work in and among us. It is He who has promised to build His church, a church bought by the precious blood of His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. We hope never to lose our sense of wonder in that we have been able to be a part of His story and participate in His good work! We stand as a testimony to His grace.

On Sunday, October 27, 1872, Kedron Baptist Church was chartered by a core group of eighteen members. Two deacons were elected at that time (James Connelly and J.W. Fore) and the church became part of the Appomattox Baptist Association the following year. 


In 1900 Kedron built a new worship center on the site of its original building which was then dedicated in July of 1901. Not long after the dedication of the new sanctuary, the Women’s Missionary Union was organized in 1906.


In the years 1911-1912 three new Sunday School rooms were added to the building, and land for the Kedron Baptist Church cemetery was purchased.


During the 1920s, '30s, and '40s Kedron purchased its first piano and completed a number of projects including the installation of an electric lighting system, the construction of a vestibule, baptistry, and two-story educational addition to its worship center.


New construction projects were launched in the ’50s and ’60s as well. The church installed a new heating system, remodeled the sanctuary which was dedicated on October 3, 1965, and purchased the J.M. Moseley property and home to provide the church with a pastorium. It was also during this time that the Staunton River Association was founded with Kedron Baptist as one of its charter churches.


On March 26, 1972, Kedron dedicated a newly constructed educational building complete with a fellowship hall, fully equipped kitchen, pastor’s study, administrative office, prayer room, eight classrooms, and three restrooms. Not long after, the church purchased a new organ.


In the ’80s and '90s, Kedron constructed outdoor facilities to provide space for recreation and fellowship not only for our members but for the surrounding community as well. 


Kedron Baptist will celebrate its 150th anniversary this year (2022). Throughout its lifetime, Kedron has been committed to carrying the good news of Jesus to the world in a variety of ways. 


Over the years, Kedron has served as both a planter of three new churches as well as an equipper of ministry leaders such as A.C. Walker, Jr., Gary Vassar, and Shelton Miles who have experienced vibrant and fruitful ministries and owe at least some of their development as servants of Christ to Kedron Baptist. 


More recently, regarding mission involvement, Kedron members have taken part in many trips abroad as well as locally. Kedron members have participated in trips to Romania, Tanzania, Haiti, Panama, and Guatemala. Inner-city ministry has been part of Kedron’s local missions strategy as well with trips to Chicago, Philadelphia, and a Kedron youth trip to Atlanta.


Disaster relief has also been a big part of Kedron Baptist’s kingdom work. Relief efforts have taken place in most of the continental US as well as the Caribbean. Locally, both the “Brotherhood” and Kedron’s women’s ministry meet regularly to provide care for the physical needs of its membership as well as the community surrounding it. 


In addition to short-term mission efforts, Kedron is proud to have seen one of its own make a longer-term commitment. Jillian Nash is currently serving on the North Coast of Colombia with the Zenú and Embera people groups as a church planter. The Kedron family is excited to see what the Lord will do through her ministry.


With the Lord’s help, Kedron will continue to march forward to many more anniversaries carrying the good news of Jesus Christ to the world!