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Our Story

We enjoy telling our story because it is a testimony of God’s gracious work in and among us.  We hope never to lose our sense of wonder in that we have been able to be a part of His story and participate in His good work! We stand as a testimony to His grace.


On Sunday, October 27, 1872, Kedron Baptist Church was chartered by a core group of eighteen members and became part of the Appomattox Baptist Association the following year. 


In 1900 Kedron built a new worship center on the site of its original building which was then dedicated in July of 1901. 


On March 26, 1972, Kedron dedicated a newly constructed educational building with plenty of space for Christian instruction and fellowship.


In the ’80s and '90s, Kedron constructed outdoor facilities to provide additional space for recreation and fellowship, not only for our members but for the surrounding community as well.


Kedron Baptist recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. Throughout its lifetime, Kedron has been committed to carrying the good news of Jesus to the world via evangelism, local service-oriented ministries, and cross-cultural mission endeavors abroad. 

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